The Legendary Sam Cooke is about music, religion, romance, and history. Carla Cooke is the youngest daughter of the Legendary Sam Cooke. Carla’s future mirrors the image of her father. Carla crafted her sound in the church similar to her dad. The younger Cooke knows her father’s roots are so deep that Carla has become her own person and connects with her roots through her father’s music. Having her Father,  her God Father,  Sir Mac Rice, writer of “Cheaper to Keep Her” and “Mustang Sally” and her Uncle Recording Artist LC Cooke as inspirations,  motivates the journey she is on as an Artist. 

Carla Cooke’s style is diverse in Gospel, Christian, R&B, Soul, Pop and the contemporary sound that embraces today’s culture. Carla has the flavor of longevity that will maintain a fan and consumer base to make hits. With a strong vocal range and warm personality, Carla’s stage presence commands the environment wherever she performs. 

Carla Cooke has a CD entitled “A Time to Remember” which covers renditions of her father’s hit songs including “A Change Gone Come”, “Summertime” and “Lost and Looking” as well as several compositions she wrote. 

Carla is currently on tour with the “The Sam Cooke Experience” where she performs unforgettable hit songs of her father and gives inside stories about his musical career. Carla also performs on shows across the country with various Legendary groups. 

It was an honor for Carla to be chosen to sing “Walk on By” as a tribute to Dionne Warwick at the 2016 Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  After her performance with Gerald Alston of The Manhattans at the 2017 R&B Hall of Fame Ceremony Billboard stated, “The ceremony’s show-stopping moment was a duet on Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Austin and Cooke’s daughter Carla Cooke”. 

David Friscic of the D. C. Metro Arts Theater Magazine had this to say about Carla’s musical talent after her performance of “I will Always Love You” at Bethesda Blues and Jazz Super Club; “Ms. Cooke very daringly sang the entire song a capella, with a purity of tone and a nuanced vocal power that (as actress Lily Tomlin would say) gave me “the goose bump experience”. Chills went up and down my spine and the whole audience stood up cheering and applauding. This was one of the moments when the performer transcended some very adequate lyrics to take the song to a much deeper and higher level by virtue of her sheer vocal artistry”. Be sure to read his entire Review of her performance in the News Section. 

Don’t miss the journey Carla will take you on with her performances.

Carla Cooke is working on a new composition that will showcase her gifts as a vocalist and composer. Carla Cooke proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree as she gives the listener the raw talent, emotion, beauty and charisma that has her carrying the Cooke family torch musically into the new millennium.

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  1. Bakhus Saba · 29 Days Ago

    Hi Carla you Dad’s songs have been a part of my life. I remember hearing Change is gonna come around 9 pm, laying back on the couch and this voice just moved me. I now have listened to your voice and it has all your dad has and it moves the listener. Thank you PS would love to hear you sing That’s Where It’s At.

    • Carla Cooke · 28 Days Ago

      Thank you very much. My father’s voice is truly One of a Kind. I often do that song on my show. There are so many of my father’s Hit songs, I try to fit in most of them when I perform. Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Mike Kroll · November 4

    We are so proud that you are a guest DJ on our show the UK USA Rock n Soul Connection. You now have new fans on both side of the Atlantic. Keep up the great work.
    Keith in the UK
    Mike in the USA

    • Carla Cooke · November 4

      Thank you Mike and Keith. It’s so awesome. I’m learning so much right along with our audience. Hers to the UK USA Rock n Soul Connection!!!

  3. Micheal · September 3

    Hey Carla, My name is Micheal Alford and as I’m writing this to you my eyes are watering up. you see, I was raised up hearing your father’s songs all my life. Not only did my father play his songs day in and day out. but he could sing them and he sounded a lot like your dad.I love his songs with the soul stirrers. My family will tell you that’s all That I listen too today,and I will be 52 years old this month. your dads singing is a spiritual thing for me and today I heard you for the first time and you have that same spiritual thing going on. So I just want to hear more of you because of that spirit God has given you. whenever I was going through carla his singing have at times been all I had to strengthen me. So thank you for doing you but sharing your father in the process. I rather hear his songs from you than anyone else in the world. he left you something special! embrace it. thanks May the Lord continue you in his care. And if you ever come to Georgia I will make my way to hear you sing

    • Carla Cooke · September 3

      Hello Micheal.
      Thanks for reaching out to me on my website. It’s good to know that there are those out there who are still true fans of My father’s music. 53 years and his music is still resonating in the hearts of people today! I am truly grateful for each opportunity I have to perform and bring his music to different audiences. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to perform in GA one day! Take care.


  4. Jim Simmons · July 21

    Carla….How can I get a signed photo??? I so want a Movie made about your Dad`s Life Story…..The Soundtrack can bring a whole New Generation into his Music….Thanks

    • Carla Cooke · July 21

      Hi Jim. A movie is on the Horizon! If you purchase a CD, A photo comes with it. Just click on my Store page to purchase.
      God Bless!


    • pgregoryphoto · July 21

      Still wondering how I get to sing with you???

  5. Ronnie Moorer · July 10

    Hello Carla Cooke. Some years ago, I purchased a photo of your father when he was with the Soul Stirrers. He signef the photo Sam Cook, yes without the “e” on the end. His original spelling of his last name. He came to Tampa, Florida in the late 50’s. I could not find another signature like this one after many years of searching. I would like to send you a picture of it thru my email. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Ronnie Moorer

    • Carla Cooke · July 10

      Hi Ronnie, Oh Wow! That’s an Original for sure! He added the “e” to his name for contractual reasons so that he could continue to record in his name. I would love to see a copy of the picture. The email address you can forward it to is ccookebooking@gmail.com. I’m looking forward to seeing it. Thank you for reaching out and for taking the time to send the picture to me.


      Carla Cooke

  6. LaTonia Clark · June 22

    Hi Karla, I haven’t seen you in over 20 years and I am so happy to see that you are doing well and singing (which is something that you’ve always wanted to do. You still have a beautiful voice and I am glad to see that you are blessing the world with your talent. May God continue to bless you Karla and give you your hearts desire. – LaTonia

    • Carla Cooke · July 10

      Hi LaTonia
      Thank you for your well wishes. I am doing my best to carry on the Legacy of my Father. It’s truly a blessing to be able to bring his music to audiences that still love his Message of Love. May God Bless you as well.

      Take care

      Carla Cooke

  7. Janet · June 21

    God is so faithful…often I pray for your family. Truth always wins! God has used your father’s music so many times in my life to remind me of Who He is. May He continue to use you to bring healing and strength in the lives of others. God bless you abundantly 💕😄

  8. Janet · June 21

    God is so faithful…often I pray for your family. Truth always wins! God has used your father’s music so many times in my life to remind me of Whomany is. May He continue to use you to bring healing and strength in the lives of others. God bless you abundantly 💕😄

  9. JK · May 19

    Carla, I’m sure ypu hear this often, but your Father had the greatest voice of all time. Just pure soulful and perfect.

  10. Oscar Curtis · April 12

    Wow.I have just stumbled across your clips on YouTube.Listened to your interview. There need to be more conversations with you.Seven children, 5 grand children and you don’t look a day over 30.You should be the poster child for the term “Black Don’t Crack”.

    When will you be in the DMV (Delaware MD,VA) area?

    Peace And Prosperity,


    • Carla Cooke · April 12

      Hi Oscar.
      Thank you. I hope to come to that area sometime between Summer and Fall.



  11. debbie · March 31

    cannot wait to hear you sign tonight in Pittsburgh!!

    • carlacooke64 · April 1

      I hope you had a wonderful time at the show Debbie.



  12. Mike Kroll · March 16

    Hi Carla,
    I was unable to have an interview with you at the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame in Detroit. Would you like to record an ID for our show? Mike Kroll Detroit City, USA 248-568-9146

    • carlacooke64 · March 16

      Hi Mike,
      I will give you a call.



  13. Sharon Haywood · February 13, 2017

    Carla this has been on my mind for the longest.Muhammad Ali hit one one of his fights of many and your dad was in the house as he was trying to get into the ring Muhammad Ali saw him and shouted out to everybody let that man up here ! when Muhammad Ali was in a radio station talking on the air and apparently your dad must have heard him and went to the station when your dad walked in and sit down this is when Muhammad Ali said your dad was pretty just like him. Your dad and Muhammad Ali began to sing together.It has been on my mind for a while that if Laila Ali was in a radio station talking on the air and you came in and sat beside her and you to begin to sing Oh My God ! that would be HISTORY repeating it self! If this joyous occasion ever come to pass please do not hesitate to email me I would love to see this occasion , many blessings to the both of the Ali & Cooke family in Jesus name with Thanksgiving
    Amen !

  14. VENAE NICOLSON · February 13, 2017

    Just saw Saturday night’s February 11th, at the Danbury Palace Theater with Jeff Pritchard’s band.
    Simply an awesome show.
    Loved your perfume samples given out to the guests. Where online would I be able to purchase it?

    • carlacooke64 · February 18, 2017

      Hi Venae,

      I’m so happy you enjoyed the show. Thank you for coming. If you look on the “Store” section of my website, it will inform you on how you can purchase the oil fragrance.


      Carla Cooke

  15. Sharon Haywood · February 12, 2017

    Your dad was and still is a Great Artist ! My hat is off to the GREAT SAM COOKE !!! 🎸 🎤 🎼 🎩

  16. Sharon Haywood · February 12, 2017

    God Bless You And Your Family ! you are a very stunning young lady. my mother would listen to your dad’s music all the time I am 60 years old and I love his music also. carry your dad’s Legacy on Never Let It Die. I saw a small news clip where Muhammad Ali and your dad was singing what a couple and Muhammad Ali made a statement how he and your dad was prettyand it put a smile on my face. And you know what ,your dad and Muhammad Ali will forever be pretty. 🎸 🎧 🎤 👊 🎼

    • carlacooke64 · February 12, 2017

      Thank you so much Sharon!!

  17. @persina.chan (instagram) · January 30, 2017

    We love you from Mississippi, do you have a twitter page? #familylegacy

    • carlacooke64 · January 30, 2017

      Thank you!! My Twitter page is thecarlacooke same as my Instagram and Facebook artist page. Hope to be in Mississippi soon!!!

  18. Mol Pe · January 22, 2017


    • carlacooke64 · January 23, 2017

      Thank You. Much Appreciated!

  19. James · December 5, 2016

    I was so glad I saw you. You just played in Stafford Springs CT along with some other Artists . You looked Beautiful and had some great songs that made everyone feel great.
    You made the show!
    Thank you

    • carlacooke64 · December 5, 2016

      Thank you so much for coming out! I’m thrilled you enjoyed my show. I hope to come back to Stafford with my show where I sing not only my fathers songs but mine as well as others. Please Request me!!! I appreciate you taking the time to write me about my performance. Take care.


      Carla Cooke

  20. H A · October 24, 2016

    Amazing Show at Scullers last night. You have music in your blood – Just like your father. We loved it

    • carlacooke64 · October 24, 2016

      Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show!

  21. James Smith · August 29, 2016

    Your music sounds great. Please keep up the great work.

    • carlacooke64 · August 29, 2016

      Thank you very much. I enjoyed playing there! Hope to be back soon.



  22. Kamala · August 22, 2016

    Hi Carla I saw you on stage at the Rythm & Blues Induction Ceremony last night. I was so excited and proud to see you accomplish your dreams from highschool! I am your high-school classmate Kamala Pierce. I will definitely follow your career congratulations.

    • carlacooke64 · August 22, 2016

      Hi Kamala. So nice to hear from you. Thank you so much! Wish I could have said hi. Take care.

  23. Louis Leysath · August 7, 2016

    Carla as I saw you last night performing in nyc 8/6/16. U looking stunning and u sound awesome off the hook. I truly wish you all the best. A change will come for you. In Jesus name !

    • carlacooke64 · August 7, 2016

      Thank you for the lovely comment. So glad you got the opportunity to come to my show! God is always in the blessing business and I thank him for the chance to play at The Metropolitan Room New York.

  24. murdis young-hamlett · August 5, 2016

    Carla looks more like her father than any of her siblings that I have seen. She has a beautiful voice as well. I wish her the absolutely best!

  25. Philip Gregory · June 17, 2016

    Carla, your father was the inspiration of my entire life. He defined my life. I know my voice is crap compared to his… or yours…but here’s a present for you. https://soundcloud.com/philip-gregory/when-i-fall-in-love-scratch-take-1?in=philip-gregory/sets/covers-1

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