The Legendary Sam Cooke is about music, religion, romance, and history. Carla Cooke is the youngest daughter of the Legendary Sam Cooke. Carla’s future mirrors the image of her father. Carla crafted her sound in the church similar to her dad and never sought to use her father’s name but to build her own reputation as many do. Now the younger Cooke knows her father’s roots are so deep that Carla has become her own person and connects with her roots through her father’s music. 

Carla Cooke’s style is diverse in Gospel, Christian, R&B, Soul, Pop and the contemporary sound that embraces today’s culture. Carla has the flavor of longevity that will maintain a fan and consumer base to make hits. With a strong vocal range and warm personality, Carla’s stage presence commands the environment wherever she performs. Carla has performed in concert with the Legendary Four Tops and Freda Payne, on the Norwegian Cruise Line, musical performances at Festivals and various venues throughout the United States. 

Carla Cooke has a CD entitled “A Time to Remember” which covers renditions of her father’s hit songs including “A Change Gone Come”, “Summertime” and “Lost and Looking” as well as several compositions she wroteCarla is also featured on a compilation CD on the Motor City Hits Label with a song entitled “Could It Be That All I’m Missing Is You” produced by LJ Reynolds of the acclaimed group “The Dramatics”

It was an honor for Carla to be chosen to sing “Walk on By” as a tribute to Dionne Warwick at the 2016 Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.  

Carla is currently on tour with “Carla Cooke sings Sam Cooke” with Agape Nation Band where she performs unforgettable hit songs of her father and ones she has written as well. She is a featured artist with Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood. One of New England’s top rated bands. Carla has also been on tour with “The Daughters of Rhythm and Blues” Don’t miss the journey Carla will take you on with her performances. It’s truly unforgettable

On a personal note people are amazed at the fact that Carla has been married for almost 30 years and is the proud mother of 7 adult children.

Carla is currently working on a new CD which will showcase her gifts as a vocalist and composer. Carla Cooke proves that the apple does not fall far from the tree as she gives the listener the raw talent, emotion, beauty and charisma that has her carrying the Cooke family torch musically into the new millennium.  

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You can also find Carla on Facebook; Twitter and Instagram: @thecarlacooke. 


  1. Philip Gregory · June 17

    Carla, your father was the inspiration of my entire life. He defined my life. I know my voice is crap compared to his… or yours…but here’s a present for you. https://soundcloud.com/philip-gregory/when-i-fall-in-love-scratch-take-1?in=philip-gregory/sets/covers-1

  2. murdis young-hamlett · August 5

    Carla looks more like her father than any of her siblings that I have seen. She has a beautiful voice as well. I wish her the absolutely best!

  3. Louis Leysath · August 7

    Carla as I saw you last night performing in nyc 8/6/16. U looking stunning and u sound awesome off the hook. I truly wish you all the best. A change will come for you. In Jesus name !

    • carlacooke64 · August 7

      Thank you for the lovely comment. So glad you got the opportunity to come to my show! God is always in the blessing business and I thank him for the chance to play at The Metropolitan Room New York.

  4. Kamala · August 22

    Hi Carla I saw you on stage at the Rythm & Blues Induction Ceremony last night. I was so excited and proud to see you accomplish your dreams from highschool! I am your high-school classmate Kamala Pierce. I will definitely follow your career congratulations.

    • carlacooke64 · August 22

      Hi Kamala. So nice to hear from you. Thank you so much! Wish I could have said hi. Take care.

  5. James Smith · August 29

    Your music sounds great. Please keep up the great work.

    • carlacooke64 · August 29

      Thank you very much. I enjoyed playing there! Hope to be back soon.



  6. H A · October 24

    Amazing Show at Scullers last night. You have music in your blood – Just like your father. We loved it

    • carlacooke64 · October 24

      Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show!

  7. James · December 5

    I was so glad I saw you. You just played in Stafford Springs CT along with some other Artists . You looked Beautiful and had some great songs that made everyone feel great.
    You made the show!
    Thank you

    • carlacooke64 · December 5

      Thank you so much for coming out! I’m thrilled you enjoyed my show. I hope to come back to Stafford with my show where I sing not only my fathers songs but mine as well as others. Please Request me!!! I appreciate you taking the time to write me about my performance. Take care.


      Carla Cooke

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