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3/31/2017 OAKS THEATER – Carla Cooke
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March 31, 2017

I loved the natural performer and the effortless interaction with the audience that Carla Cooke displayed, last night at the OAKS Theater. 
There were a few moments in her performance where the paternal link was evident and this happened when I was not necessarily expecting it. It was a natural moment in her performance when I heard Mr. Sam Cooke’s influence and style, much like Lelah when “Donnie’s tone” seems to know when to make its presence known.

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Ann Arbor News Review by Simone Lightfoot

May 6, 2016


I had a blast getting to see my girl Carla Cooke do her thing last night at the Green Wood Coffee House. Nestled against a backdrop of beautiful trees that Ann Arbor is known for, the intimate setting made for the best sound while Carla’s passion for singing and great band did the rest.
Nice to see her wonderful husband and her two girls. One daughter sang backup with mom and the other handled the business side of things including the cd’s and making sure guests were accommodated. Just outstanding!

By the way, Carla has a perfume line coming out this year called ‘You Send Me’. Yes, I bought a bottle last night and love it already. It’s light but bold, sweet but subtle, really nice.

The packed audience twisted, sang and enjoyed themselves to both legendary material and current music composed by Carla herself.    


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The Detroit Chronicle Newspaper : Entertainment Reflections 

News 2
“A pleasant new CD is “A Time To Remember” by Carla Cooke. It is one of those smooth listening experiences. Cooke, daughter of the Legendary Sam Cooke, combines light Gospel and light R&B, and it works. It’s a sweet album and she has a sweet voice”


The Detroit Chronicle Newspaper : Entertainment Reflections 
News Article 1

“Carla Cooke is a name you might want to be on the lookout for, She is one of the daughters of the legendary Sam Cooke and she works in the contemporary gospel field. She has a light endearing voice that makes the songs on her three-disc CD appealing. Titled “Journey from the Heart, the songs are “He’s Calling”, “Not Gonna Let You”, and a remake of a hit for Alica Myers in the early ’80s, “I Want to Thank You”.


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